Swedish craftsmanship

Jägarstekpanna Original

We are particularly proud of this product.
It is a carbon steel pan that has been manufactured in Sweden since the 1980s. Originally created to fit the traditional dish “kolbulle”. Today, the hunting pans are manufactured in our own factory in Ulricehamn.

The materials come from the Swedish steel industry, where the environment and work environment are at the forefront. The carbon steel withstands really high temperatures and provides a very good heat spread

Bioplastic products

Our Bioplast products are completely plant-based.
They are made from sugar cane and wood fibers which are 100% renewable materials. It has no color additives but has its natural wood brown color. The products have the same properties and are just as durable as ordinary plastic. These products are manufactured in Sweden.


Plastic products from Sweden

Stabilotherms plastic products are manufactured in Sweden.
The products are free of BPA and other hazardous substances.
Approved to be in contact with food.

Our plastic products are dishwasher safe and is a 100% recyclable.

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